FoodCycle US

Our mission is simple: to create a connection between local, small-scale organic farms and public schools in an effort to create sustainable lunch programs throughout each school year. By providing our children with better lunch options, we are not only giving them a source of nutrition, but also an education on healthy eating habits for the future. School lunches don’t have to be slop on a lunch tray, nor should they. Help us raise awareness to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity by contributing funds to our cause, or by following us and supporting us in anyway you can. Watch our promotional video below for a better understanding of what we strive to accomplish and check back often as we’ll feature a webisode series “From the Road” here.

FoodCycle US Promo from Timothy Hourhan Photography on Vimeo.

Food Cycle: Episode 1 from Timothy Hourhan Photography on Vimeo.

Farm to School Episode Shelburne Farm from Timothy Hourhan Photography on Vimeo.


The Ride

WE DID IT!  In August of 2012 FoodCycle riders completed a nearly 4,600 mile journey from Maine to California in an effort to raise funds, awareness, and support for our cause. To see where we went you can click here.  If our journey inspires you,  Contact us for more information or to let us know your thoughts. We’re inching closer to our goal to change the way we think about school lunch programs. Donate to our schools using the payment option below.

Donate to Schools